When does the festival take place?

The annual FLANIMATION FILM FEST kicks into full gear from Friday, August 20 to Saturday, August 2021.

Is FLANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL an online or in-person event?

Oh yes! FLANIMATION FILM FEST entire program is live and in-person with recommended COVID protocols in place in the sunshine city of Jacksonville, Florida. There are plenty of places to stay, dine, relax and have fun while you are here.

I created an animation. How do I submit to FLANIMATION FILM FEST?

That's great! We can't wait to see what you've created and it's super easy to enter! We are accepting all submission through FILM FREEWAY. Details about your submission(s) can be found there. Just use the button below to take you to right to the page.


Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets directly from our Film Freeway page or you can go to our ticket page which will direct you to our Film Freeway page. But why go through that trouble when you can just click the button right below ya!


Will there by any subtitles?

You don't need to have a PhD in English, but the majority of our content will be in English, without subtitles. Films in a foreign language other than English will be subtitled in English.

I am unable to attend (any more). Can I get a refund?

Oooh, we're sorry, but this is not possible. We do apologize. Please do make another human happy with your ticket as a personal gift.

How do I stay informed of (festival) news?

Subscribe to our newsletter and every piece of news will directly appear in your inbox. Also, of course, check the website regularly and definitely follow our social media channels. You can find us of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I have a different question. How/where can I get in touch?

We are at your service! Just email us or use the contact form in the website footer.